Platform Regulation and Hate Speech – DSA vs. Austrian Communications Platforms Act

Online platforms remain tricky terrain. How should we treat this quasi-public space, where anyone who has the necessary reach can speak to and mobilise thousands in the blink of an eye? To achieve something comparable in the analogue era, you needed a broadcast licence, and these licences were subject to certain rules for a reason. Now, anyone can be a sender and a receiver, and this raises new challenges.

Plattformregulierung und Hass im Netz – DSA vs. KoPl-G

Plattformen im Netz bleiben ein kompliziertes Thema. Erst recht, wie man mit diesem quasi öffentlichen Raum umgeht. Noch dazu, wo jede:r mit entsprechender Reichweite innerhalb von Millisekunden viele Tausende ansprechen und mobilisieren kann. Zu analogen Zeiten brauchte man dafür eine Sendelizenz und nicht umsonst waren diese Lizenzen an die Einhaltung gewisser Regeln gebunden. Heute kann jede:r Sender und Empfänger:in sein und das birgt neue Herausforderungen.

Our outlook on internet policy matters in 2021

Image by Pat_Scrap from Pixabay

It comes as no surprise that 2021 too will be dominated by the coronavirus pandemic and political activity will focus on the battle against the infectious disease. Nevertheless, there are many issues advancing in the background which need to be worked on. Many of these have been on our radar for quite a while now, and new ones will arise for sure. If the past year has taught us anything, it is reacting quickly and bracing ourselves for spontaneous legislative amendments on short notice.