Secure communication and trust in our devices is more important today than ever before. States and companies are very interested in our data. This site should be a first point of contact for self-determined handling of digital services in everyday life. We call this "digital self-defense".

Other useful resources

This information is just a tiny part of all the possibilities for your digital self-defense. There are many more tricks, tips, and helpful software enabling you to use the Internet in everyday life independently and safely.

We recommend the following sources of information:

  • The Surveillance Self Defense Guide of our sister organization EFF gives you comprehensive and easy to understand instructions for the software presented here and also has other good tips.
  • The website MyShadow has a lot of helpful information about what information you reveal about yourself on the internet.
  • Further German-language information on the subject is available in German from our sister organization Digitalcourage.
  • If you want to practice digital self-defence, we recommend visiting a crypto party near you. Dates can be found at