After almost two years of intense development, we’re close to the release of “DearMEP”. Time for a little preview: DearMEP is a free software tool empowering citizens to let their elected politicians know what they care about. Because everyone deserves to be heard.

Every day, important decisions are made in the EU. Even though there are 705 elected representatives, for its citizens the EU often seems far out of reach. What are the politician’s email addresses, phone numbers, social network profiles? Are they in Brussels or in Strasbourg at the moment? How much will it cost to call someone in France anyway? What should one even say to them? And does it even make sense to talk to that particular person, or are they so fundamentally opposed to one’s request that it would be a waste of time?

DearMEP – Bridging the Gap

DearMEP bridges this gap. It makes it easy for citizens to participate and reach out to politicians when decisions about their own future are made. With this tool, citizens don’t need to know how the EU works. DearMEP recognises the language and country of the user and automatically selects Members of the European Parliament with the highest likelihood to be convinced. It also learns constantly how the position of politicians might have changed due to interactions with citizens. All this helps to maximise the impact of citizens’ time by calling the movable middle in every campaign. If someone wants to talk to a particular politician, they can of course select that person themselves in the search bar.

Giving Europeans a Voice!

All citizens have to do is verify their phone number and start the call – completely free of charge, as DearMEP even handles the phone call itself (via the European company 46Elks). It calls the user automatically and directly connects them with the selected politician. Want to brush up on arguments before the call? DearMEP has that covered as well. Before the actual call starts, users can take a look at key talking points on the topic in question or listen to them on their phone.

DearMEP even allows for scheduled and repeated calls, say every Monday and Thursday at 03:30 PM. Again, no need to remember, the tool will call the user automatically at the set day and time.

Easily Adaptable for Any Campaign

DearMEP will be available right away for any campaign addressing a plenary vote in the European Parliament. But there’s more: Thanks to an easily adaptable design, as an NGO or any other activist group you’ll be able to modify DearMEP for the needs of your own campaigns, even beyond the EU. National parliaments, governments, other assemblies, you name it. Even email or social media communication will be an option to reach out directly to politicians.

We believe that tools to foster political participation should be free and easily available for everyone. That’s why the rights to use DearMEP, access the source code, modify it for one’s own needs and distribute it further will be guaranteed in DearMEP’s free software license (AGPL)

Privacy First

As a digital rights NGO we take privacy very seriously. That’s why DearMEP reduces the processing of personal information to the bare minimum, closely follows privacy-by-design and privacy-by-default and is of course fully GDPR-compliant. Needless to say that phone calls are not recorded to protect citizens’ anonymity.

Key Features

  • Easy access: citizens don’t need to understand the EU

  • No costs for citizens

  • Maximum impact of citizens’ time: strategic choice of politician

  • Hollywood principle: Don’t call us, we call you

  • Adaptable: white label solution for every issue voted in a plenary

  • Free Software: AGPL license

Find out more about how DearMEP works, the concept and the team behind it:


Get DearMEP for Your Campaign soon!

You’re an NGO or other group of activists planning your next campaign? Reach out to us! We developed this tool originally for the Chatcontrol law and will release the source code publicly as soon as the negotiations on this law are concluded. We are in the final stages of development and will soon be ready to deploy DearMEP for other campaigns.

Watch the DearMEP Presentation at CCCamp 2023

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