[Rio de Janeiro] Panel: Data Sovereignty: Privacy, Security, Commerce and Development

19.07.2024 09:30 - 17:15

Digital Sovereignty in the G20

This event aims at promoting a better understanding of the different facets composing the digital sovereignty debate, from the perspective of G20 members. Panellists will interrogate multiple key issues that constitute the digital sovereignty concept, including cybersecurity, data sovereignty, the use of data and digital technologies to foster individual and national self-determination, the development and implementation of digital public infrastructures, and the emerging weaponisation of digital technologies and data-related laws in a scenario of increasing digital cold war.

This event is organised in the context of CPDP LatAm 2024 and is an official side event of the T20, the group of think thanks of the G20.  The event will take place at FGV Law School, in 190 Praia de Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, 12th floor. More infos: https://cpdp.lat/en/events/digital-sovereignty-in-the-g20/

Registration: https://evento.fgv.br/sovereignty-g20_1907/?utm_source=portal-fgv&utm_medium=fgvnoticias&utm_id=fgvnoticias-2024-07-09

9:30-11:00 Constructing Digital Sovereignty

  • Min Jiang, Professor, University of North Carolina
  • Estela Aranha, UN AI Advisory Board
  • Marcelo Malagutti, Secretary of the National Cybersecurity Council
  • Grenfieth Sierra Cadena, Data Protection Superintendent, Colombia
  • Rodrigo Corrêa, Secretary for Data Protection, Rio de Janeiro

Moderator: Luca Belli, Professor and Coordinator CTS-FGV

11:00 – 12:30 Data Sovereignty: Privacy, Security, Commerce and Development

  • Max Schrems, Founder, NOYB
  • Jonathan Mendoza, Data Protection Secretary, INAI
  • Lorrayne Porciuncula, Executive Directress, the Datasphere
  • Thomas Lohninger, Executive Director, Epicenter.Works
  • Ana Paula Vasconcellos, Data Protection Officer, Rio de Janeiro

Moderator: Ana Brian, UN Special Rapporteur for Privacy

14:00 – 15:30 Digital Sovereignty meets Economic Sovereignty and Economic Warfare

  • Nicolo Zingales, Professor, CTS-FGV
  • Nikhil Pahwa, Founder Medianama
  • Aifang Ma, Professor, Peking University
  • Danil Kerimi, Researcher, CyberBRICS
  • Andres Calderon, Researcher, PUC Chile

Moderator: Bianca Kremer Researcher and Visiting Professor, CTS-FGV

15:30 – 17:00 Digital Public Infrastructure for Digital Sovereignty

  • Armando Manzueta, Director of Digital Transformation of the Dominican Republic
  • Alexandre Costa, Researcher, CyberBRICS
  • Jai Vipra, Researcher, CyberBRICS
  • Hannah Draper, Human Rights Advisor, Consumers International

Moderator: Ian Brown, Visiting Professor, CTS-FGV

17:00 – 17:15 Conclusions

FGV Law School, in 190 Praia de Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro, 12th floor.
CPDP LatAm 2024